• Introduction To Apportation

    Despite the fact that this kind of phenomenon has always been called the Apportation, we still hear and see about some records about it throughout the history. For instance, the stones were claimed to have fallen from the heaven, which was said not to be the exactly normal way how the stones would act, which happened in Bingen, Germany. Also, those stones fell many times in New Hampshire, what is known as a part of the United States. We consider those weird happenings to be the “stone-throwing devil“.

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    Introduction To Apportation

    As you know, the word “Apportation” was actually applied mostly to one phenomenon that occurred in séances. It means the act of bringing the objects like stones or fruits go through physical walls, show up from nowhere, and brought forth by Spirits or Human Souls following the medium’s command. We call those objects as the “apports”.

    From the oldest times to present, the séance has become a very reputable form of divination or channeling. Though we all know that such form used to be seen as a form of entertainment in the Victorian era in which a large number of fakers playing tricks on this method, especially the gullible people just to make easy money without having to work hard like others. Following the Theosophical Society founded since 1875, it’s believed that mankind and other living beings could be apported as well. We can call them the miracles done by Gods or Saints.

    On these days, the term “Apportation” has arrived to our lives as something like the appearance of one certain object in one place where it has to be, not to mention whether or not the séance takes place.

    Apportation – The Branch Of Magic

    Apportation is apparently a branch of magic which is said to expert in handling the transport of things in which we often call them from somewhere else despite the fact that teleporting something away and from place to place is completely impossible. This is actually a rare case in school of magic since it’s a type of conjuration in which psychic can summon magic to perform the Apportation. This branch of magic also relates to the opening of the dimensional gateways.

    We would know it as another side effect of magic in some situations. Besides, the so-called apports can be anything from the phantom smell to a complete spirit. It’s not surprising to state that an apport is a result of the universe.

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